The Tie that Binds Banner

November 11, 2022

Haven’t you loved the “photo of the week” on the banner of our MESSENGER newsletter? This is something we started doing on August 19, 2022. Instead of the same picture for a season – which were beautiful – you get a snapshot of a ministry moment that happened that week! These pictures are indeed worth a thousand words! I’m going to write a little less than one thousand, though, as I share with you how these pictures are possible and what they mean! (If you want to go back and see all the Photos of the Week, you can go to to see them all.)

In Catherine’s Corner last week, I shared with you about The Tie That Binds and all the ways the Holy Spirit connects us to God and to each other. There is always an ‘each other’ component when we talk about our relationship with Christ. Our response to Christ’s love for us is often manifested in our relationship with others – those in our family, our community, our church, and around the world! You see that connection in all the pictures.

Your offerings to Church Street United Methodist Church are one way to respond to Christ’s gift of salvation and love. No, we cannot pay for or buy our salvation! But we respond with thanksgiving! Our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness are disciplined practices that connect us to God and to each other. When much in our world seems to be unraveling, the Holy Spirit is a tie that pulls together, shores up, strengthens, and reinforces our dependence on God and each other. It indeed binds us together!

Each day next week, we will be posting ‘snapshots’ of information about our church and see samples of the tie that binds. Through emails and social media, you will learn more about how we use your gifts and offerings to provide ministry and programs that are meaningful. You will not want to miss seeing the videos – they are precious! I hope that as you see how the Spirit is working and connecting, you will respond faithfully by filling out the pledge card you will receive in the mail and bring it with you to worship on Sunday, November 20. If you are not able to be present, you can mail it, or follow the instructions to pledge online or to talk to Kate Spencer, Business Administrator, directly.

I am thankful that you take time to read my Friday morning musings! It is one way we stay connected.

Looking forward to being with you in worship on Sunday!