Daily Lent Devotions from Church Street UMC

Tuesday, March 30, Morning

By Dr. Charles Wender, March 30, 2018

Why Must Jesus Die?

Read Genesis 15:6-18

Jesus, Paul and Peter assure us that the Bible is the word of God written and spoken by human authors chosen by God. In the last analysis, however, some of that which is recorded has more to teach us than other parts. The early chapters of Genesis are most informative dealing with creation, mankind’s fall, and the emergence of Abraham. God witnessed to Abraham. Abraham’s belief in the nature and character of God resulted in his being declared righteous.

Abram, as he was first named, sought reassurance and God enacted a covenant with mankind with Abraham as its representative. This describes the blood path covenant that requires a perfect walking of this path without a breach of the law; God in symbolic fashion walks the path as both a fire pot and a torch. Abraham recognizes that he is unable to walk this path without suffering, bleeding, and dying. This is delayed-action fulfillment until one of his descendants is compelled to walk this path.

The understanding of this ancient covenant brings clarity to our understanding of Good Friday and Easter. Fulfilled prophecy makes it clear that Jesus of Nazareth is the long-awaited Messiah. It is Jesus the son of Abraham, fully human, but also fully God, who comes to walk the blood path for those who have violated God’s covenant. The sinner can take advantage of Jesus’ willingness to die in the sinner’s place provided he or she grieves their sin, confesses such and willingly picks up their own cross and follows Jesus’ direction. Despite the many other attempts of worship of other supposed saviors, Jesus is the only one who can take us into the presence of God in eternity.


Holy and Righteous God, we bow before you knowing the magnitude of your love for us. Amen.

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