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Thursday, March 4

By Ann Jourolmon, February 27, 1978

Welcome, Friend

Read: Romans 15:7 (The Living Bible)

      “So, warmly welcome each other into the church, just as Christ has warmly welcomed you; then God will be glorified.”

One of the International Sunday School lessons this past fall was based on the above scripture.  The key word is welcome. I thought how true it was that as Paul preached the Good News, always he proclaimed that it was for all. Again and again, he stressed that Christianity had a welcome sign out for every person. Someone has said that for Paul, the Gospel had so changed the world, that all the “Keep Out” signs were replaced by “Welcome” signs.

This reminds me of an incident that happened to my father. When he first built his mountain cabin, he put up a sign, “No Trespassing.” Someone did not like this. He found his sign torn down several times. Finally, he posted a sign: “Private Property – BUT – Welcome, Friend.”

Paul was positive that all the “Keep Out” signs were replaced by “Welcome” when Jesus Christ came to this world. As God welcomes every person through His Son, so we who are His followers must welcome all into the Christian fellowship.

We are told that the word “welcome” is an Old English word, originally spelled “wilcoma.” I suppose that it means well come – it is well that you have come. God says to us, “It is well that you have come to Me, through Christ, your Saviour.” And, in turn, we must say to all who would be a part of the Christian fellowship, “It is well that you have come -WELCOME.”


Our Father, may we realize that Thy Son is an inclusive Saviour and that His church must be inclusive, too. Amen.

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