Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of September 14, 2022

Rev. Catherine Nance

With just a hint of cooler weather in the air, we are reminded that you are the God of All Seasons. You created your world, O God, with the beauty and gift of autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Sometimes we speak of these seasons as if they end one day and begin the next. Our calendar will tell us the first day of autumn is just one week away. We give thanks for scientists who can measure and map where Earth is in its orbit and explain the seasons. We give thanks for preschool teachers who teach songs about the four seasons. We are thankful for memories of early artwork – large sheets of paper divided into four equal quadrants – one with orange and red leaves, one with snowflakes, then bright flowers, and the last with a bright, smiling sun! These divisions and measurements give order to our lives and help us plan; your order has given us days to look forward and a sense of knowing that things always change. But there is beauty in the change. 

We know that the seasons do not stay in the bold lines of our kindergarten four-square season chart, but that you allow us time to prepare, to anticipate, to hope, and yes, even to be disappointed when a hot summer day appears in October or we need a sweater and scarf on an April afternoon! Thank you for caring for your Earth and for us that we do not abruptly land into a new season, but that you allow for gradual changes. May we take time to savor, to appreciate, to accept right now as the time you have given us.  

O God of All Ages and Stages, remind us that you are with us as we go through changing seasons in our lives. There are cycles we anticipate and celebrate and then the not-so-subtle changes we thought we would never experience. May we be graceful and feel your grace as we go through the stages and seasons of life. When we see others around us in different stages and places, may we offer prayers: 

  • For children who are so curious and demand attention right now – bless their sense of wonder 
  • For young parents who are burdened to think they must do everything perfectly – ease their self-imposed stress 
  • For graduate students and young adults figuring out ‘what’s next,’ – let them feel your guidance and peace 
  • For adults who are wondering ‘is this what I wanted?’ – give them clarity of your love and purpose 
  • For those who feel alone – may we be open to those who need a gesture of kindness 

Thank you, O God, for the subtlety of change of seasons that gives us time to appreciate, time to give thanks, and time to prepare. We thank you for all of the seasons you have given us.  

We turn towards the evening with a grateful heart for your presence and we open our heart in prayer as we share these concerns and thanksgivings from our church family…

We pray for…

  • Church members who are traveling to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville; particular prayers for one who is dealing with neuropathy and another who is awaiting diagnosis and a clear path of treatment.
  • A family who is in the midst of new beginnings: new house, new job, selling house! Prayers that stress be transformed into positive energy!
  • A young father who is following up with doctor about GI issues
  • A dear aunt, aged 96, that she remain in good health
  • Those in our church family with COVID
  • A church member who is a beloved mother, mother-in-law, and friend who is struggling with health concerns and weakness.
  • A best friend who has been recovering from cancer and now has a new diagnosis. Doctors say this one is treatable. Prayers for her body to receive this intensive treatment well. Prayers for her husband and friends as well.
  • The nieces and nephews who celebrate the life of a church member; thankful for the gift of Eternal Rest and a life well lived!
  • A member meeting with cardiologist Thursday morning after experiencing some concerns recently
  • A friend having dental surgery on Friday
  • A little girl having tonsils removed next Wednesday morning; prayers for parents!

We offer prayers of thanksgiving for…

  • Family in Texas … and for all who know how important it is to keep in touch!
  • A good report from CT scan
  • A successful surgery of the 8-month old who had club feet amputated. The surgeons were able to leave enough bone for the prosthetics to be possible.
  • A brother who had a stroke this past week and is doing so much better thanks to excellent medical care. Prayers of thanksgiving for local hospitals and for loving family!
  • A group of young couples who have been visiting our church and met together last Sunday to plan for getting together; may their desire for Christian fellowship and study inspire us!
  • Recent high school grads who have gathered to plan a Bible study; may their desire for deeper discipleship inspire us!

Continued prayers for…

  • Those undergoing radiation treatments and chemotherapy
  • A sister who is struggling with high blood pressure
  • A friend who has been diagnosed with macular degeneration
  • City officials and agencies and churches as we address our houseless population
  • A son who has gotten a new job in the field he majored in.
  • A member awaiting procedures and results and relief from back pain

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.