Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of September 13, 2023

Rev. Catherine Nance

We pause O Loving God, to acknowledge that you are our Creator and that you are God of the Universe. 

You know what a leap it is for us, to look up from our routine to acknowledge that there is a WORLD out there beyond our world. Forgive us for being consumed by our routines and our concerns. We focus on ourselves and what is troubling us. We often even forget to pray, wanting to be in control and take care of things ourselves! 

So, here we are, O Lord! We put our hands down, our tasks aside, and our hearts are now open. You know how it takes effort on our part physically to prepare ourselves. Deep breaths, turning the volume off on devices, closing our eyes, emptying our minds of worries. 

There, Lord; now we are ready now to pray!  

And there you are:  you who are always present and who are always ready to listen.  

You already know what is on our hearts, but thank you for giving us space and time to say them aloud. 

We pray for family members and friends who are going through difficult times … 

We pray for work situations that need resolution … 

We pray for those close to us who are facing health crises … 

We pray, we pray, we pray … 

And, there O Lord, we feel that you have embraced us into your world of caring and knowing. We cannot imagine all the others who are praying right now, but yet, you have included us in their voices. We feel a strength from this gift of intercessory prayer. Not just praying FOR one another, but praying with one another. People we do not even know are joining their hearts and voices with ours just now. 

We began with confession of how small our world is, and now you have opened your world to us. You have heard each prayer and embraced each of us. In that expanse of your love, we feel unity with one another and have experienced the magnitude of your grace! 

As we return to the routine of evening — children’s schedules – homework – supper – meetings – practices – settling down and settling in – checking on parents – as we return to our routines, may we feel the assurance that we have stopped to give thanks for your abiding presence. 

We include these requests in our own prayers, knowing that you hear all …. 

We pray for …

  • A friend who had mastectomy last week
  • A daughter who had hysterectomy; prayers for continued healing
  • Those who are waiting to meet with doctors about test results
  • A daughter who is concerned about her mother; prayers that the mom will make good decisions and care about/for herself
  • An aunt grieving her nephew whose funeral was last weekend
  • A man who is addicted to pornography and violence
  • For a six-year old who is preparing for radiation therapy after a mass was removed from her brain
  • A sister-in-law who is now in hospice care and for the woman’s daughter who is the caregiver.
  • A couple going through a divorce; prayers for safety and good health
  • A niece who is concerned about her aunt who is going through divorce; prayers for strength and discernment as she makes decisions ahead; may she know she is deserving of love
  • Public servants and law enforcement;  and those who prey on the vulnerable
  • Parents worried about son’s health; prayers for traveling mercies as they go to check on him
  • A father discerning best path forward for health
  • A healthy pregnancy
  • A friend who is starting physical therapy this week; prayers for relief from back pain
  • Libya and the flooding
  • People in Myanmar
  • Those in the path of storms and those who are recovering; Lord, have mercy!

We give thanks for …

  • Volunteers at church who help with making people feel welcome
  • Clear report from PET scan
  • An understanding spouse
  • For successful eye surgery! Praise God!
  • The birth of a great-grandaughter
  • My nephew coming to visit!

We continue to pray for…

  • Those in military
  • Husbands and wives who are grieving
  • A friend receiving chemotherapy
  • All those in rehab after surgeries
  • Members of our church family who are in cancer treatment
  • Anyone battling addiction! Lord, we pray for release!

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.