Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of October 26, 2022

Rev. Catherine Nance

Rev. Nance reminds us that our hymnal is full of prayers; mostly sung, some spoken! 

Mountains Are All Aglow (United Methodist Hymnal, 86) seems appropriate this week! 

Mountains are all aglow with autumn colors so bright; 

rivers are filled with water, giving life to our days. 

Golden fields wave their praise to God’s bountiful harvest; 

gratefully, skyward arising, hear our joyous songs of praise! 


Reaching far as earthly eyes can see, 

Reaching far as humble hands can toil, 

Every harvest is from our Lord; every blessing is from our God. 

Praise for the harvest, thanks to our God.  

God of creation, we imagine you with a paintbrush, touching up the colors this week. Had we noticed the dark reds earlier? When did our neighbor’s tree turn bright yellow? We are grateful for bursts of color that surprise us, take our breath away, and cause us to stop and bask in your glory. Open our eyes, widen our scope, and awaken our sight to how you are working in our world. Thank you, O God, for the beauty of the earth.  

In the morning we saw the beautiful colors and then, last night, the strong wind gave an extra push to the leaves who were waiting perhaps another week before dropping to the ground. Swirling leaves are beautiful. (We pray for safety as people drive on slick leaves; Lord, may we not be in such a hurry!) We thank you for your Spirit that will sometime gently blow and encourage us to let go; you know the time when we need a more Spirited shaking to let loose of things we dearly cling to. 

Sun and rain by the Lord’s design shall come at proper time.  

Working hard, God has given us reasons for deep gratitude.  

As we think back over the day, make us mindful – or heartful – of the reasons for deep gratitude. Perhaps we took them for granted earlier, but now at the end of the day, your paintbrush touches up our day, recalling the pleasant things, the good things. A kiss goodbye from partner or spouse heading off to work, sticky hands of children (why do we serve syrup before school?), the glorious sky, finding a lost coin, a kindness from a stranger, the just right cup of coffee, the text from an adult child, a shared meal with colleagues …. God has given us reasons for deep gratitude. 

Praise the Lord as we’re planting God’s word deep in each heart. 

God has sent sunshine and the rain so the seedlings may grow. 

Desert lands which seem barren, flowers still might bloom; 

trusting in God’s promises, our thanks to God we will show! 

Before we close our eyes for the evening, our hearts turn to those we love and those around the world who are hurting; there are so many who are sick. We are grateful for technology that reveals a more accurate diagnosis when our body or mind is hurting, but with the technology comes the burden – and gift – of options and more tests and treatments and visits to the clinic. We know that our earthly bodies will not last forever! Just as the leaves change and drop, our bodies go through changes. Some because of illness and most because of aging. Our spirits ache for those who are hurting, O God. And our spirits ache for those who care for the hurting. Where desert lands seems barren, may we trust in your promises that your life-giving spirit is always present.  

Trusting in God’s promises, our thanks to God we will show! 

We pray for ….

  • Families dealing with mental health issues
  • Families dealing with chronic disease
  • Husband and wife making decisions about next steps in their long journey with dementia and how children can help
  • A church member in hospital recovering from an infection
  • Continued healing for church member recently released from hospital
  • Continued prayers for one who is in great pain; may rehab bring renewed strength and healing
  • A member who is awaiting news from a retina specialist
  • Healing of heart when feelings have been hurt and relationships bruised

We continue to pray for …. 

  • One who was in car wreck; prayers for strengthening of body
  • A loved one dealing with addiction
  • A church member experiencing back pain
  • Caregivers; prayers particularly for a sister who lives out of town and is dealing with care of in-laws.

We offer prayers of thanksgiving for ….

  • Friends who help out when I need a ride to doctor
  • A grandchild who was born healthy
  • All the ‘ladies in the office’ who do so much for us!

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.