Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of June 29, 2022

Rev. Palmer Cantler

Holy One of Israel, covenant-keeper, you restore what is lost, heal what is wounded, and gather in those who have been rejected. Give us the faith to see you at work in all aspects of our lives. We know that you desire relationships to be restored, the hungry to be fed, for outcasts to be welcomed and all people blessed.

As we listen to the Old Testament story of Joseph, we know that you do not cause the unpleasantness and the hurt in our lives; you do not make it happen for a reason. But we have seen evidence in scripture and in our own lives that you can take what we make a mess of, you can take the results of our sin, our greed, our fear, and breathe your spirit to open new ways and possibilities. You are always leading us through and leading us to renewal.

When we find ourselves asking “why, Lord?” may we sense your spirit asking other questions, such as: Who can we help? What can we do differently? How can I point others to your steadfast presence?

We are thankful for a wonderful Vacation Bible School at our church this past week. We know that children all over our community attend their own church, friends’ churches, and granny’s church for VBS. Thank you for these experiences of snack and songs, of caring adults, for crafts and games, but more importantly the opportunity children have to feel safe, to feel like they belong, and to hear that God loves them.

In a world of complex emotions and issues, we pray that our church might continue to be a place of safety and support, especially for families facing crisis. Guide us through the Holy Spirit to remain faithful to our call to care for our neighbors with respect, dignity, grace, and love. Hold us accountable for showing compassion to one another and seeking understanding rooted in relationship.

Because of your generous outpouring of grace, we share these personal prayers on behalf of your people and Church Street, believing that your great love can penetrate each circumstance, bringing hope and renewal:

  • Gratitude: Visit from a grandson living on the West Coast
  • Thankful for prayers: Brother with kidney disease stable
  • Thanksgiving for our nation as we celebrate Independence Day
  • Member grateful for safe travel home from Europe last week
  • Family grateful for a wonderful wedding celebration
  • Member appreciates prayers as she continues role of caregiver
  • Dear friends adjusting to assisted living facility
  • Prayers for adult son and family grieving recent death of his father
  • Wisdom, safety for members suffering from Parkinson’s
  • Member in deep depression, for healing and reassurance
  • Brother and family mourning the death of his sister
  • Safety and success: Medical team helping women & children in Namibia
  • Safe delivery of baby boy, mother with worrisome complications
  • Safety and resilience for friend boldly speaking out for children’s safety in classrooms & for protection of voter rights
  • Safe travel for family of 3 traveling from Europe July 4
  • Strength, faith, and hope for aunt entering a new phase of cancer treatment
  • God’s presence with all who are in mourning
  • All working to bring about the end of the Ukrainian crisis, for healing, help, and hope for these suffering people
  • Healing of mother in heart failure, for her caring family and physicians
  • Guidance for the leaders and people of our nation, that we might find the right road once again, as we address the fissures within our society
  • Patience, continued humor, healing for an uncle recovering from a stroke
  • Healing for a brother in severe kidney crisis
  • A same home environment for an at-risk 5-year-old
  • A strong bonding of all races within our community
  • Guidance, courage for mother with ovarian cancer
  • Prayers for niece’s cancer surgery July 1
  • Prayers for couples longing to have children
  • Member recovering from hip surgery and colon perforations
  • A new position needed: Adult son in unhealthy work situation
  • For reliable caregivers to be found to help an infirm husband

Open our eyes and hearts O God that these words would be our guiding principle: Always looking to see what you are desiring for us and for your world. Refocus and clear our vision that we do see your miracles: the beauty of your earth; the power of cool water to quench our bodies on these hot and humid days, news of babies being born and stories of families coming through difficult times. Teach us to look around us for how you are at work and then say to others: “Come and see what God has done!”

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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