Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of August 22, 2021

Written by Rev. Catherine Nance

O God who is our armor, our defender, and our protection, the scripture admonishes us to “hang in there and pray for all believers.” Many of us older ones are used to hearing “persevere,” but the contemporary translation “hang in there” feels more appropriate: “Hang in there and pray for one another.” So here we are, O God, many of us feeling as if we are barely hanging in and not quite holding on. But we are thankful each time we gather as the body of Christ, in prayer or in person, remembering that it is you who holds on to us. It is your strength, your armor in which we wrap ourselves that allows us to keep calm and to carry on. We long to persevere, to do the work you call us to do. Hold onto us that we might be the people of God who exhibit faithfulness and not fear.

We long for the whole world to have this feeling of being put back together, O God. Your world is aching; it is aching, consumed by disease, wildfires, storms, and violence. It would be easy for us to hang our heads low instead of simply bowing them in prayer. Hanging our heads low in weariness and, if we are honest, despair.  But you have told us to stay alert by hanging in there and by praying for each other.

We pray for those devastated and grieving as their cities are flooded; those affected by Hurricane Henri, and those in Haiti who are without shelter, those in danger and crisis in Afghanistan.  We pray for all who work in our local hospitals which are stretched to their limits; and we pray for school personnel who are exhausted after just a week or two of classes.  

And as we list our concerns, help us not to be discouraged, but faithful.  For we know that your love, your comfort and abiding presence are a greater solace. We know that your resurrection power offers hope and a certainty that we too often forget.  As we pray for others who celebrate or mourn, may our hearts be more open, more compassionate, and more understanding of each situation:  

  • Gratitude offered for the long life of beloved church member
  • Family celebrates a weekend wedding 
  • Family gives thanks for a week of vacation
  • Thankful for dedicated healthcare workers
  • One thankful for recovery from Covid
  • Gratitude for birth of a little nephew
  • Celebration of Pastor Palmer’s ordination 8/27
  • Thanksgiving for each one joining the church last Sunday
  • Recovery for young grandson facing paralysis 
  • Prayers for dear sister in assisted living, confused & ill
  • Member needs prayers for her physical restoration
  • Cherished husband with dementia in assisted living
  • Blessings for a student teacher
  • Dickson and Humphreys County flood victims and government officials making major relief decisions
  • Hope for cancer sufferer traveling to MD Anderson
  • Strength, protection for ER nurse in critical work situation
  • Safety for college freshmen making a new start
  • For more persons to accept virus vaccinations
  • Blessings for young son leaving home
  • Exhausted nurse striving to survive pandemic workload
  • Safety for nephew, military duty in Afghanistan
  • Family grieving death of brother-in-law
  • Adult children whose mother died this week
  • Upholding son caring for mother in hospice
  • Prayers for one having knee replacement on August 30 
  • Cousin in critical lung distress, Covid complications
  • Prayers for bereaved family, death of mother  
  • Continued prayers, member with ALS
  • Peace for one facing new cancer scans
  • Healing for member’s severe back pain and eye malady
  • Mother with cancer, that new treatment may help
  • Safety for caregiver traveling 2 weeks with infirm friend
  • Strength for family, grandson (12) met a tragic death today
  • Brother with Alzheimer’s and his caregiver wife
  • Two loved ones suffering from advanced cancer

May we be moved to action, knowing that we have your resources at hand your armor of strength instead of our will; your truth instead of our misconceptions; your justice instead of our arrogance, prejudice and self-reliance. Thank you for your salvation, O Lord, that replaces the empty promises of success.  

And as we face what seems like overwhelming powers and principalities, give us the wisdom and strength to face ourselves and our own powers, to choose the path of peace in all of our living.  And may we be unified in the task of being faithful messengers of your word and your ways.  All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ who gave us this prayer for all seasons of life:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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