Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of August 23, 2023

“Where did July go?” 

That is what we are asking ourselves, O God! You hear it under our breath! You hear it as we put new school schedules in our phone. You hear it as monthly reminders pop up. You hear it as we sit at the traffic light, our eyes filling with tears. Our heart beating a bit faster. Or maybe slower. Where did July go, O God? 

Rationally, we know how many days there are. We tell ourselves that you have made each day and therefore it is a gift. But, we have filled the summer months with expectations and hopes; things we were going to get done before children and grandchildren start back to school. This was the summer we were going to spend more time doing … what, O Lord? What was it? What was it we were going to do and learn and finish that leaves us now feeling empty?   

So, we begin again, O God who called forth day and night. It is August; not even the first day but the second day! Is it too late to begin re-thinking our days? 

Help us to look back over July and remember the connections we had with your spirit. Let us give thanks for air conditioning and for cool drinks and the relief a folded paper fan can bring! There were family gatherings – even in the midst of grief – where we saw your love revealed. Children learned to swim. There were new friends at camp. There was watermelon. 

As we look towards the rest of August, we pray for those who need to pay attention to schedules and calendars. For parents and students and teachers; for bus drivers and coaches. We pray for new parents who are going back to work who are painfully aware of how long eight hours really is! We pray for grandparents who are keeping children; that they may have good health and stay strong and sleep soundly at night!  

We pray for family and friends whose schedules unraveled with sickness, death, grief, or mental illness. We pray for those who wish time would stand still or time could go back. May they feel your steadiness in this present moment, O God. Help them move forward minute by minute. 

May the calendar and time keeping not be a burden O God, but may we see you in our schedule. July and August are both named for kings. May we greet each day with the words – Jesus is my King! Where is God’s Spirit leading me to serve in his kingdom this day?  

We thank you for this evening time as we look back over the day and give thanks for your gifts. You have given us the strength to move through this day and to share your love with others. As we prepare for the evening rest, we pray for others in our church family and community …. 

We pray for ….

  • A daughter waiting to hear about placement for her mother is mentally ill
  • A son waiting and hoping for his elderly mother to return home; prayers that doctors at hospital can determine cause of her illness and choose the path of healing
  • A member who is expecting a dear relative, his cousin, to die soon. Grief is complicated by family expectations and history and struggles. May our church member feel the love of God as he prepares to eulogize her. May God’s light shine through him in a way the family can see and accept.
  • A member going through radiation treatments; prayers of thanksgiving that there are no side effects. Prayers for healing from this brain cancer
  • Continued strength and healing for a member who is now home from long hospital ordeal and illness. Grateful for her positive strength and will!
  • Students. All of the students! Kindergarten through Post-Doc. Soothe all the jitters, O God! May students not be afraid to ask for help! May students all be kind.
  • Teachers and administrators. Only you know all the work that is required and all the extra work that is done. Bless our school personnel at every level.
  • Those recovering from surgeries – many in our church who have had joint replacement; prayers for strength in rehab
  • A church member who is joining a team from our conference to go to Uganda to bring good wishes and assistance to our Holston missionaries and children in refugee camp there. Safe travels and God’s blessings!
  • Families who are struggling to get along
  • Caregivers who keep on. May they know when and how to ask for rest and help.
  • Any individual that feels judged by family because of who they love and who they are

We give thanks for …

  • The good health of three little girls born recently! Each is continuing to get stronger. Prayers for strength and stamina for parents!
  • Our adult choir! How glorious for them to sing at the National Cathedral!
  • Donations of school supplies!
  • Those who have volunteered to teach Sunday School in our children and youth departments
  • Healing after surgery; thankful that doctors are so pleased with outcome
  • Clear report from oncologist
  • A friend who has really stepped up and helped me out. 

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.