Daily Advent Devotions from Church Street UMC

Sunday, December 19

By Palmer Cantler, Associate Pastor

Remembrance and Reminder

Read Exodus 12:2(NRSV)

“This month shall mark for you the beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year for you.”

Brent and I have a tradition around Christmas ornaments. Each year, we add a couple of new ornaments to our collection to document events of the past year. For 2019, we added an ornament decorated with a wedding cake to celebrate our wedding in September of that year. In 2020, our new ornaments commemorated adopting Waffles the dog, buying a home, and Brent’s first trip to the beach I grew up visiting. For 2021, we have already bought our new ornaments. This year, we will be adding a small church (in honor of my Ordination), an airplane (because Brent started traveling for work), and an NFL football (to mark Brent serving on the NFL Contact Tracing Team). As we decorate our family tree at the beginning of Advent each year, I love looking back on these new ornaments. They hold special memories of the life that Brent and I are making together. 

This verse from Exodus begins God’s instructions to Aaron and Moses about how they must observe the Passover. In these instructions, God tells the Israelites how they will be saved in the present and that they must remember this moment in the future. Each year, the Passover is a remembrance and a reminder. 

Advent serves as a time of remembrance and reminder during this first month of the Christian year. In our worship, we remember God’s involvement in creation since the beginning and that Christ came to fulfill God’s promises. This time also serves as a reminder that Christ came to bring reconciliation with our Creator. During this time, we both look back on all that God has done, and what God is and will continue to do in our lives. 


Sustaining God, may this season of Advent call us to a time of greater remembrance of your continued presence in this world. Let us not get stuck in remembrance, but be inspired to look ahead for the ways the Spirit is calling us to bring the grace of your son, Jesus Christ, to others. Amen.

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