Weekly Prayers for the Church Street Family

Week of January 10, 2024

Written by Steve Richardson

God in heaven and in our midst, in your graciousness hear our prayers.

Winter. Even though we know the daylight hours are extending longer, they just don’t seem to get longer quickly enough. We’re eager to re-greet spring’s warmth, colors, blossoms and “new life.” At the same time, Holy Creator, we’re thankful for the wonders of four seasons here in our scenic valley of this Earth.

Winter’s longer hours of nighttime remind us that you are not only the God of light, but that it was in darkness when many of your great works occurred; and they still happen. From the very first “day” of creation to Jesus’ birth to the miracle of the resurrection (plus so many other instances recorded in scripture), your mighty acts dwarfed the darkness during the moments they were done. Thank you for never abandoning us, even in our darkest moments.

With the start of the new year behind us, many of us have resumed routines of daily living. Others are navigating less familiar pathways, or pursuing new opportunities. Others face uncertainties and anxieties due to personal losses, health concerns, financial hardships, fractured relationships, self-doubt, demands for decision-making amid murky considerations, and other difficult situations. Whatever our own circumstance, getting from point A to some future point B often sets our priorities. But sometimes in doing that, we overlook what is also important now. Help us realize every moment is a gift of grace from you, Omniscient God, and teach us ways to better use these moments. Thank you for abiding with us always, constantly, ceaselessly.

Grant your blessings, Lord, on Church Street United Methodist Church. We’re thankful for the staff and clergy whose commitments, talents and teamwork help extend your grace to others. We are grateful also to teachers, leaders, musicians and volunteers at your church who give of their talents and time in ministry for you.

Keep us mindful that as congregants in your kingdom, you long for us to serve one another through acts of love and unselfishness. Continue to teach us ways to do so. Echoing the prayer of Sir Thomas More, “The things, good Lord, that we pray for, give us the grace to labor for.”

Merciful God, please hear these needs and prayers of others in our church community. Surround each person with your loving embrace and comfort…

Listed below are prayer concerns shared by our church community …

We pray for … 

  • those who are grieving the sudden death of a friend
  • for a daughter who has pneumonia
  • a couple trying to make good decisions about boundaries and friendships
  • a member’s son who is having intestinal/abdominal issues; hoping to get diagnosis and treatment soon
  • a family who is grieving the death of a cousin
  • for a couple who experienced a miscarriage
  • for all students and teachers who are getting back into a routine!
  • those who are looking for meaningful employment
  • young adults studying abroad
  • An individual who requests prayers for many concerns including depression and sleep disorder; prayers for peace and healing in body and family.
  • those who are adapting to being home after being in rehab for extended stay
  • a family who is struggling after their mother/wife left them. Prayers for good mental health care.

We offer prayers of thanksgiving for …

  • a cousin who fell but is recuperating very well
  • co-workers who helped out
  • MLK commemorative events in our community
  • medical tests that came back with good news
  • friends who hold us in prayer