Daily Advent Devotions from Church Street UMC

Thursday, December 21

By Beth Cooper-Libby, Director of CSUMC Preschool

I See Jesus!

Read: Colossians 1:17

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

It’s a familiar sight here at CSUMC. Although most people call it the “Jesus statue,” the name of it is The Teaching Christ. It was created by Jim Gray, and I have seen the outreached hand holding balloons and flowers. The children in the preschool love to touch the statue as they go to and from the gym. I use the statue as a landmark to help parents find the gym to pick up their children at the end of the day. 

Recently, it was very rainy and a father who had never been to the gym needed direction. He is a rather quiet person, not prone to lots of chitchat in the mornings. I learned later that he just isn’t a “morning person.” He’s always polite, but I didn’t have a clue if he had a sense of humor. However, I like him and try to get him to smile. 

So, I sang him my little ditty, “Down the hall, ‘round the corner, past the bend. Through the door and see Jesus, to the end! Take a left at Jesus and you can’t go wrong! Take a left at Jesus and I’ll end this song!” I guess he was either amazed by my clever tune (doubt it) or didn’t understand it, because he didn’t go through the door, instead turning to try to open the door to the lower level. I directed him to the correct door and he opened it, stepping into the darkness. Then I heard him bellow in a huge fake TV pastor voice, “I see JESUS!!”  I started to giggle and he popped his head back through the door so I could see him. He shouted smiling, “Can I have an AMEN?” 

Since then I have felt much more comfortable with this man. We shared a laugh because we both understood that it’s a beautiful statue, but it’s not really Jesus. Jesus isn’t in a statue. Jesus doesn’t stay in one place. He isn’t that little plastic baby we put in our nativity scene this time of year. Jesus isn’t here alone in the dark when the building closes. So where is Jesus? Where do YOU see Jesus?


We pray for … 

  • A niece grieving the death of her uncle; prayers for safe and comforting travels as family goes to funeral in Georgia
  • A member recovering after rotator cuff surgery
  • A member recovering from removal of gall bladder surgery
  • A friend who had partial knee replacement; prayers for successful rehab
  • A couple as they begin second trimester of pregnancy and for the wife as she looks for new employment
  • Success for friends who have endured infertility and finally have placement for their one viable embryo scheduled in the next couple of weeks. Thank you!
  • A friend, already disabled as a result of a plethora of medical and financial challenges, now suffers from gastroparesis and is unable to digest solid foods. Pray that his dietary changes can provide needed nutrients and strength.
  • A friend who was just diagnosed with Lymphoma
  • One who is dealing with feelings of bitterness as Alzheimer’s takes its toll on parents; one who has the disease and one who is caregiver. Feelings of sadness that grandchild will not know his grandfather.
  • A husband who has lung cancer

We offer prayers of thanksgiving for …

  • Improvement of one who is in rehab
  • A couple who just found out they are pregnant! Prayers for good health for mother and baby!
  • The birth of a baby boy! Prayers for parents and big sister!

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us Jesus and that he is always near me. Amen.

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