Daily Lent Devotions from Church Street UMC

Sunday, February 28, Evening

By Jim Kennedy, March 7, 1979

Dedication of Ourselves

Read Matthew 20:25-28

Were we to be called on to list those ideals which have made this nation great among all nations, we might list its citizens’ devotion to liberty, freedom, independence, justice, mercy, honor, duty, prudence, reason, virtue, peace, wisdom, courage, and fortitude. One can almost imagine a plaza or park somewhere with monuments to these ideals. If a Christian were asked what monuments seemed to be missing, he might instantly mention monuments dedicated to faith, hope, charity, and love.

Upon deeper reflection he would also note that at least four other monuments were missing, for a Christian must concern himself with remembering what has gone on before and what has been done on his behalf, and must also concern himself with preparing and dedicating himself to do that which he is called upon to do. Finally, a Christian must remember that sacrifice which was made on his behalf, and must be willing to sacrifice himself every day by giving of his own most precious resources – his time, his energy, his devotion, his spirit, and lastly, his financial resources – to further what God would have him do.

The ideals of that we must remember, prepare, dedicate, and sacrifice are especially important at Lent for it is not a time of doing with less, but a time of beginning to do more for others. It is not merely a time of giving up and doing without daily pleasures, because it is a time of giving more of one’s most precious resources – one’s time and one’s soul!


Father, help each of us remember what Christ did for our sake upon the cross, and help us prepare ourselves to dedicate our hearts, souls, minds, and bodies to do Thy will, for we realize that no sacrifice we make can equal yours. In Your Son’s name we pray. Amen.

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