Our thanks to the 350+ individuals (and a few families) who responded to the Church Street COVID-19 Check-In survey that was sent in mid-May. The check-in asked questions about thoughts and attitudes toward re-gathering for in-person activities, how members are engaging with online worship opportunities currently, and a self-reporting of individual health and personal stress.

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The summary findings are:

Findings regarding future in-person worship: 

  • A critical mass of worshipers exists for in-person worship, contingent on safety
    precautions for some
  • These interested worshipers express favorable willingness and acceptance
    of precautions for in-person worship (such as mask wearing, temperature checks,
    pre-registration, social distancing, etc.)
  • The best indicator of when to resume in-person worship should be science-linked
    information (vs. economic)
  • There is no apparent desire to rush resumption of in-person worship services

Findings regarding parish health:

  • Indicators suggest the pandemic has had adverse effects on people’s mental
    health, financial stress and job stability
  • More than half of respondents report spiritual growth during the pandemic

Findings regarding current ways of worshiping:

  • There has been widespread viewership of online worship services, but less-so of
    other online meetings/events
  • Most viewing of online worship has centered on CSUMC
  • Rev. Wade’s prayers have been widely followed
  • Music events and spiritual enrichment services lead a list of several other desired online worship offerings